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Instruments for measurement of variables such as  pressure, temperature, level, and flow in the process allows the system operators to monitor the condition and movement of liquids and gases. Differential pressure transmitter is widely used in filter monitoring. Our Differential pressure transmitter DE13 can greatly reduce operator error, improve process efficiency and reduce maintenance.


A filter removes unwanted particles or contaminants from a gas or liquid system. When a filter becomes clogged, efficiency and pressure drops. A filter should be removed or repaired only when it is in an unhealthy state. If it is removed before that, it leads to loss of time, manpower and money. On the other hand if it is left for too long, the process efficiency is compromised. The only way to get an indication of an unhealthy filter is via continuously monitoring the condition of filter.


Many processes use two pressure transmitters to identify the change in process pressure conditions which in turn reflects the filter status. However, we strongly suggest to use one instrument instead, for a better accuracy.


Our differential pressure transmitter DE13 directly measures the differential pressure, provides a digital display and a standard analog output.  The analog output signal can be used to indicate if the filter is clogged or is about to be clogged. Differential pressure transmitter DE13 comes  with a rugged, wear resistant sensor design  with a very low low hysteresis.


Our differential pressure transmitter is used in many other applications such as flow control, pump control, etc. For further details on our products and applications, please e-mail us at: or to download the complete datasheet: click here

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