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There are many options to choose from and so when choosing the right parking guidance system, these options can be overwhelming. Choosing the right parking guidance system can be confusing and at the same time challenging as well. Most of them would say that the only criterion for buying is the price. However, there are few other factors that needs a bit of consideration prior to choosing what’s right for you.


Data Transmission Speed: The faster the sensor data (free/occupied) arrive at the display, the more value to money the parking guidance system has.


Service Life: The higher the durability of the equipment, the better you can plan the operating costs of the next years.


Accuracy and Reliability: The more accurate and reliable the measured values of the sensor system, the more the car park customers will trust the displays.


Service: Some large complex systems require assistance with planning, installation, mounting and operation. The service contract and the experience of the provider needs to be evaluated before making a decision.


Environmental Conditions: Dirt, moisture and deep temperatures may influence the sensor operation. Where such conditions exist, precautions must be taken to select a system that works independently of this influencing variables.


Stand-alone OR Complex System: There are systems that cannot be linked to others and, in part, this is explicitly desired (e.g. stand-alone systems without a PC). Some customers just need red and green status LEDs on the ceiling above car spaces. However, there are also systems with existing interfaces (e.g., ModBus) – here you can easily integrate other systems (e.g. gas warning systems or barrier systems) into the parking guidance system, or vice versa. High-quality parking guidance systems also offer the possibility to connect to higher-level systems (for example, to the building management technology).


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