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The pH Analyzer for drinking water is critical in its treatment.

The drinking water must not only meet the most diverse hygiene requirements, but it must also adhere to certain corrosion requirements to protect the water pipes. The treatment process is determined by the source of the water in order to produce drinking water of the required quality. The open aeration of raw water is a common method of water treatment.

Aeration removes potentially harmful, corrosive carbon dioxide from raw water.

In trickling towers, raw water is sprayed through pumps and distributed over large surface packages. The aeration space can be blown with air from below in a counterflow process to improve efficiency:

When there is an excess of carbon dioxide in the raw water and it is not in lime/carbon dioxide equilibrium, the pH of the raw water must be increased. The water is ventilated to increase oxygen saturation and decrease carbon dioxide solubility. As a result, the carbon dioxide that is partially dissolved as carbonic acid when the system is in equilibrium is driven off. This raises the pH level. The pH of raw water is typically around 6.5, which will be increased to pH 7.5. The pH value is continuously measured after the aeration process to optimize the energy input of the pumps. The pH value controls the aeration pumps (and thus the amount of air) in each aeration tower.

Through a bypass line in the open outlet, the pH value is determined at the current hydrostatic pressure. The Stratos series transmitter or multichannel measurements utilizing Protos analyzers can be employed, depending on the quantity of measuring sites.

The transparent flow cell integrates the electrolyte reservoir while enabling simple visual inspection of the measurement. The essential accuracy and a long electrode service life are ensured by continuously introducing electrolyte.

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