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Trouble and risk free operation of industrial systems in any process plant is becoming increasingly important that in turn demands functional safety. Functional safety is the detection of a potentially dangerous condition resulting in the activation of a mitigation device or mechanism to prevent hazardous events.Product standards EN 61508 (“Functional safety of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related systems”) set out the requirements for components that are used in the protection systems.We are pleased to announce the release of our new P 22400 loop powered SIL3 isolator that  is designed for functional safety up to SIL 3 according to EN 61508, i.e., for a high safety level (SIL = Safety Integrity Level).


The SIL3 isolator is designed for normal and demanding critical applications for electrical isolation , repeater power supply and as a splitter in any industrial plants. P22400 SIL3 isolator offers unrivaled benefits as below:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio( 0.08 % full-scale error)
  • Suitable for use in safety-related systems also for critical applications / SIL 3
  • Ensures a high level of electrical safety.( 600 V protective separation / 5.4 kV test voltage)
  • Can be used as signal isolator,splitter and as repeater power supply
  • it is mechanically stable, approved for marine applications


Apart from Knick, very few other manufacturers like E&H and R.Stahl have got signal isolator with SIL 3 certification and very few manufacturers have got protection separation of 300V or more, like Weidmuller. But when it comes to signal isolator with SIL 3 with the highest isolation of 600V, Knick’s P22400 is second to none.

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