Pressure Switch

Introducing Beck 930.8x - Adjustable differential air pressure switch for monitoring overpressure, vacuum, and differential pressure in air or other non-flammable, non-aggressive gases. It  is an economical air pressure switch, available in various measuring ranges. The application includes monitoring air filters and ventilators, monitoring industrial

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KUR 5G – Jola

Introducing Jola - KUR 5G - a surface-mount conductive relay with a transparent cover, a green mains monitoring indicator LED, and a red LED for moisture signaling inside the housing. The Jola - KUR 5G cooling ceiling controller is intended to detect moisture between the

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Energy Storage – The Handshake between Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles

Energy storage with batteries and hydrogen technology is critical for growth and continuous development of some important industries. Two such examples are renewable energy and vehicle electrification (EV). In fact, it can be argued that energy storage acts as a “connector” between renewable energy and

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Condition Monitoring of High-Voltage Motors

Ensuring Safety with Temperature Transmitters containing High Electrical Isolation Having an active predictive maintenance campaign in place for large rotating equipment can be a key strategy for maximizing process uptime. With the advent of Industry 4.0, condition monitoring programs that employ the collection and

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