Universal Transducers BL590/591

Universal Transducers BL590/591

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Universal Transducers BL590/591 are designed to measure currents and voltages with up to 500 V.

These universal transducers are a part of Knick’s BasicLine product series. Short circuit recognition, monitoring and control of motors, recognition of DC-link voltage or battery current/voltage are some use case examples. The input is galvanically isolated from output and auxiliary power. The housing can be quickly snapped on a DIN-Rail. The products come with 10 selectable input ranges and unipolar as well as bipolar output signals. The device automatically calibrates itself after switching input or output ranges.


  • Calibrated range selection
  • 10 selectable input ranges and unipolar as well as bipolar output signals
  • Universal power supply for 24 V DC supply or 100 … 230 V AC mains supply
  • Only 17.5 mm wide modular housing with comprehensive functionality
  • Passive output for direct connection to a supplying PLC
  • Monitor output for non-disruptive measurement of the output current by connecting a multimeter or permanently connecting an isolated display unit
  • Galvanic 3-port isolation for undistorted transmission of the measuring signals or damages
  • Highest reliability
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • 3 year warranty



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