Type 7072 – Hose valve for endless hoses

Type 7072 – Hose valve for endless hoses

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Type 7072 – Hose valve is probably the most hygienic way of shutting off a media flow is when the valve does not touch the medium. With this compact hose valve, the media flow is pushed off in an endless hose by the pneumatic drive or released again by means of a spring return. The simple functional principle of the endless hose valve is ideal for many critical applications in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


• Quick, trouble-free hose change
• By replacing the fixing pieces for hoses DN 6 to DN 14 (for hose outside diameters of 10 to 18 mm)
• No dead spaces and undercuts, therefore steam and hot air sterilizable
• The medium does not come into contact with the valve
• Setting a minimum flow
• Pneumatic drive




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