Type 7069 – Diaphragm valve

Type 7069 – Diaphragm valve

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Type 7069 is designed such that only two diaphragm valve components come into contact with the operating media: the diaphragm itself and the valve housing. The long service life, reliability, safety and resistance against aggressive and abrasive media, combined with the excellent control quality of the directly mounted digital positioner result in an ideal control valve with minimal maintenance effort and low operating costs. With its pneumatic actuator and proven Schubert & Salzer positioner, the diaphragm valve 7069 equipped with plastic housing is not only a true control valve alternative for applications in the fields of chemistry, cosmetics, environmental engineering and water treatment, it is also ideal for economical control of corrosive acids.


  • Integrated positioner
  • Operating pressures up to 10 bar
  • Suitable for ultrapure and agressive fluids
  • Restistant against acids and alkalis
  • Almost free of dead spaceses



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