VariTrans A20340 Standard-Signal Multiplier- Knick

VariTrans A20340 Standard-Signal Multiplier- Knick

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VariTrans A20340 is a Signal multiplier with four calibrated outputs, also for applications with high output loads.

Facts and Features

  • Safety in the smallest of space
    6-port isolation in 22.5 mm modular housing
  • Signal multiplication
    combined with signal conversion
  • Load increase
    up to 1000 ohms possible for inputs with high input impedances
  • Standards-compliant personal protection
    through protective separation according to EN 61140
  • Precise signal reproduction
    thanks to a short response time of T90 = 1 ms, even dynamic signal changes are accurately reproduced
  • Low-cost solution
    only one compact, low-cost device is required instead of four conventional signal conditioners

The VariTrans A20340 signal multiplier is an extremely compact product that also provides a cost-effective solution to the problem. In this module, the input, all 4 outputs, and the power supply are safely decoupled from one another (six-port isolation).

In addition to “quadrupling” the analog signal, the VariTrans A20340 is capable of calibrated signal transmission with signal isolation.



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