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ChocoScope – SOPAT is a powerful tool to characterize solid particles in cocoa liquor: the ChocoScope. Size and shape of particles like cocoa, sugar, milk powder, nuts and waffles can be analyzed inline without sample extraction or dilution. The automatic image analysis software provides information (in real time) on number and volume weighted particle size distributions (PSDs) and calculates various useful and commonly used values like the xv50 or xv90.

SOPAT offers an all-round solution for different usages in cocoa, chocolate, confectionary and bakery industry.

Phase 1
Measure Particles Inline
• Inline particle analysis requires neither sample extraction nor preparation like diluting, filtering, or even dispersing.

Phase 2
Analyze in Realtime
• Analyze bright and dark particles individually and get quantitative results.
• Track variations in particle size distribution and shape to obtain characteristic percentiles like xv10, xv50, xv90 and xn10, xn50, xn90.

Phase 3
Optimize Your Production
• Avoid overmilling to limit the amount of cocoa butter to be added.
• Detect product particles, foreign particles or aggregates.
• Save energy, natural resources and costs of production.
• Ensure to get the persistent quality of the product, despite the fluctuations of raw product properties.

The ChocoScope – SOPAT can be inserted at several positions in the production line according to the individual production conditions and the need to avoid contaminations.
The design of the probe with a tip diameter of 12 mm and a tube length of 220 mm enables a comfortable integration into your existing process.



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