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Chemical Industry

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SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in the Chemical Industry
The chemical industry is very diverse and cannot easily be reduced to individual applications or products. Most of the applications and processes in this industry usually require a high level of process control and optimization. SOPAT offers a broad portfolio of probes for particle analysis that meet the high requirements even under more difficult process conditions (such as extreme pH values, high pressures and temperatures, ATEX). Thanks to the variability of SOPAT technology and software, the system can be easily integrated into your production process. The data collected in real-time is methodically recorded and visualized.

Application examples from the chemical industry:

Mixing and stirring, separation, milling, crystallization, centrifugation, extrusion, filter control, monomers and polymer production, PVC  and EPS granules, and many more…

Benefits of the SOPAT particle measurement technology in the Chemical Industry:

  • Automated 24/7 measurement and control of the particle size distribution
  • Real-time monitoring of trends of relevant particle related process parameters
  • Distinction of different particles types, shape, concentration and color
  • Connection and control of our probe and software via your Process Control system


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