Water Treatment

Water Treatment

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SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in Water Treatment

The importance of water treatment for humans and the environment is enormous. Any avoidable impairment of water quality must be prevented. This applies in particular to drinking water and irrigation.

But industrial and residential wastewater must also be monitored. Especially the problem of microplastics can be addressed with the SOPAT technology.

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in Water Treatment:

  • Continuous monitoring of water quality
  • Detection and control of flocculants, fibres, and microplastics
  • Optimization of flotation processes
  • Measurement of bacteria and microorganisms

Probe Recommendations:

The Sc Probe is a high-resolution versatile inline endoscope with a large field of view for various industrial applications in laboratory or production environments.

This probe can be directly inserted into a running process to retrieve particle size and shape information via image analysis. The probe can be equipped with cooling and purging tubes to increase its applicability range. There are also numerous process connectors available, such as flanges, compression fittings, and the Knick Ceramat W155 retractable fitting.


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