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SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in Food Industry

The size of particles, droplets, bubbles, foam etc. plays a significant role in the properties of the final product. In many production processes such as grinding, mixing, blending, homogenizing, etc. it is important to maintain the high-quality standards. With SOPAT, you can optimize the throughput, reduce off-specification batches, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption while maintaining your quality requirements.

Product examples:

Cocoa liquor, chocolate, compounds, spreads, fillings, cocoa butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, ice cream, beverages, biscuits, coffee, crema foam, and many more.

Benefits of SOPAT particle measurement technology for the food industry:

  • 24/7, no sampling, no dilution, no lab-work
  • Fast detection of off-specifications early in the production process
  • Real-time monitoring and image display via clients on all connected computers
  • Direct machine parameter adjustments during processing via control loops

Probe Recommendations:

The MicroBubbleScope is a dedicated Sc-Probe with 220 mm probe wetted length, specifically designed for gas-liquid applications in laboratory or production environments.

The protective tube with the endoscopic optics inside can be inserted into the process and particle information can be analyzed via image analysis. There are numerous process connectors available, depending on the installation point.



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