Knick – VariTrans P 43000 TRMS

Knick – VariTrans P 43000 TRMS

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Knick – VariTrans P 43000 TRMS


AC/DC high-voltage isolators for true rms measurement Input currents ranging from Iin = 100 mA AC to Iin = 5 A AC

The Facts

  • Universal usability:
  • New TransShield technology Allows for extremely compact modular housings
  • Working voltages up to 3600 V AC/DC
  • Protection against electric shock through protective separation
  • Test voltages up to 15 kV AC
  • Outstanding transmission properties
  • Virtually no influence from  common-mode voltages
  • Tremendous flexibility
  • up to 16 customer-specific measuring ranges
  • Reliable function even with unstable supply
  • No damage in the case of erroneous power connection
  • Switchable models minimize device variants and reduce inventory costs
  • Robust thanks to vacuum encapsulation
  • Mechanically stable for operation on ships, rail vehicles and land vehicles
  • 5-year warranty


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