Knick – VariTrans B 10000

Knick – VariTrans B 10000

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Knick – VariTrans B 10000


Isolation amplifier & signal converter for standard signals. The world’s first 3-port standard signal isolator in a 6-mm modular housing.

With its extremely compact design and low self-heating, the new standard-signal isolator from Knick sets new standards. The Vari- Trans B 10000 is available with nine selectable, calibrated ranges or as one of eight different fixed setting variants.


  • Safety in the smallest of spaces 3-port isolation in a 6-mm housing
  • S pace-saving installation
  • No ventilation clearances required since there is no significant heat development
  • Attractive price; one of the most cost-effective quality isolators on the market
  • Long service life; extremely low failure rate (MTBF of 440 years) due to reduced self-heating
  • Good accuracy and exemplary signal transmission for standard applications
  • Calibrated range selection: No complicated calibration or adjusting
  • Low-cost installation: Pluggable cross-connections allow for easy and extremely efficient connection
    of the power supply to several VariTrans B 10000 units
  • 8 fixed-range models: if range shifting is to be avoided
  • 3-port isolation: Prevention of incorrect measurements caused by potential differences
  • Simple configuration: DIL switches accessible from outside
  • 5-year warranty


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