Knick – VariTrans A 21000

Knick – VariTrans A 21000

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Knick – VariTrans A 21000


The first standard-signal isolation amplifier with protective separation and broad-range power supply in the 6-mm class.

In spite of its just 6 mm wide modular housing, the new VariTrans A 21000 meets the requirements of EN 61140 regarding protective separation up to a working voltage of 300 V. The test voltage is 2.5 kV AC. Very small leakage capacitances also ensure that high transient common-mode interferences can be isolated reliably and don’t lead to system malfunctions.


  • Broad-range power supply: 24 to 110 V DC (+/–25 %) and 110 to 230 V AC (+/–10 %)
  • S tandard-conformant protection: of personnel and equipment Protective separation according to EN 61140
  • 3-port isolation: Prevention of incorrect measurements caused by potential differences
  • Best price-performance ratio: High precision and isolation 2.5 kV AC test voltage
  • Easy installation: DIN rail bus connectors allow for easy and extremely cost efficient connection of the power supply to several VariTrans A 21000 or otherKnick products in 6-mm housings.
  • C ost savings through smaller enclosures
  • More channels per meter top hat rail thanks to space-saving 6-mm housing and closely packed mounting
  • Long service life: Extremely low failure rate (MTBF of 280 years) due to reduced self-heating
  • High accuracy and temperature stability
  • Gain error 0.2 % meas. val. and temperature coefficient 0.01 %/K
  • Calibrated range selection: without complicated adjustments
  • Simple configuration DIL switches accessible from outside
  • Choice of adjustable or fixedrange device versions
  • International use UL approvals for USA and Canada
  • 5-year warranty


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