Knick – Maconic Shunt Resistors

Knick – Maconic Shunt Resistors

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Knick – Maconic Shunt Resistors


In many areas of applications the use of shunt resistors has established itself as a reliable, precise and long-term stable solution for continuous measurement of DC current. The low voltage drop across the shunt resistor is directly proportional to the flowing current.


  • Precise and long-term stable measurement of DC currents using shunt resistors
  • For currents up to 15 kA, up to 8 kA with standard devices
  • Low shunt voltage /small dimensions thanks to special shunt isolators
  • Shunt accuracy: Class 0.5 optionally Class 0.2
  • Shunt isolator/transmitter with 0.1% gain error
  • High overload capacity without remaining measurement error

Aeas of Applications:

  • Photovoltaics
  • DC-supplied public transport systems
  • Control of motors and generators
  • Control of DC bus voltage /frequency inverters
  • Welding equipment


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