Knick – IsoAmp® PWR B 10116

Knick – IsoAmp® PWR B 10116

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Knick – IsoAmp® PWR B 10116


Repeater power supply in 6-mm housing. We supply one of the narrowest repeater power supplies at an extremely attractive price. The IsoAmp® PWR B 10116 supplies the transmitter with power and transmits the measurement signal galvanically isolated to the output with a high level of accuracy.


  • Extremely flat
  • 3-port isolation in a 6-mm modular housing
  • Low-cost assembly Supply of the current loop and galvanic isolation of the measured signal in one device
  • Safety in the smallest space
  • 3-port isolation in a 6-mm housing
  • Supplies all common  2-wire transmitters (2-wire sensors) 24 V DC power supply
  • Cross-connections for power supply
  • Power supply only wired once for almost any number of parallel repeater power supplies
  • 5-year warranty


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