Knick – BasicLine BL 510 BL510

Knick – BasicLine BL 510 BL510

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Knick – BasicLine BL 510 / Knick BL510 Signal Isolator & converter


Knick – BasicLine BL 510 BL510 is a 24 V DC powered isolator/signal converter used to convert 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA into 0-10 V DC or vice versa in any combination. Easy to switch the inputs & outputs, by just changing the DIP switches. Low cost version.


  • Straightforward galvanic isolation in standard applications
  • Conversion of one standard signal to another one, as required
  • Galvanic 3-port isolation prevents measurement errors
  • 6-mm housing requires minimal space
  • Long service life, in particular due to its low power dissipation
  • Calibrated range selection without complicated manual adjustments
  • Easy configuration using DIP switches accessible from the outside
  • CE compliant and UL approved
  • 3-year warranty


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