Knick SensoGate – WA131 H Process Retractable Fitting

Knick SensoGate – WA131 H Process Retractable Fitting

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SensoGate Wa131 H is a hygienic, pneumatically operated process retractable fitting with a modular design for easy control.


The process retractable fitting is a compact, dirt-proof fitting for very simple installation, providing particular ease of maintenance and high availability.

The process retractable fitting is suitable for unrestricted use in pharmaceutical and food applications.


  •  EHEDG-certified for all process-wetted parts incl. rinsing/calibration chamber
  • perfect sensor cleaning effect by cyclone rinsing
  •  safe separation to the process during probe movement and prevention of re-contamination
  •  double gaskets with leakage bores prevent microbial contamination of the drive
  •  broad applications in hygienic conditions
  •  cost reduction by simple installation, operation, and maintenance
  •  very high availability
  •  protective rinsing of the seals for a long service life
  •  SensoLock for high safety of operation
  •  integrated check valves and limit switches
  •  fast and uncomplicated replacement of calibration chamber and immersion tube
  •  superior sensor immersion depth
  •  versatile process connections available
  •  process-wetted parts: stainless steel 1.4404, electropolished
  •  modular design
  •   special version for sensors with pressurizable liquid electrolyte
  •   SIP and CIP capable in the process


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