Knick -SE555 Memosens pH/ORP Sensor

Knick -SE555 Memosens pH/ORP Sensor

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Knick -SE555 Memosens pH/ORP Sensor is a Steam-sterilizable sensor providing high reliability and precision, digital, with Memosens technology.

It is a combo sensor for pH and ORP measurement.

Knick -SE555 Memosens Sensor has a special pH glass with high impedance for high-temperature applications and low alkali error as well as a platinum disk as ORP measuring element. The sensor is CIP and SIP capable. The silver ion trap prevents contamination and blocking of the junction by silver sulfide in sulfide-containing media. The reference electrolyte is biocompatible. This makes the sensor predestined for applications in food and biotechnology, but it is also suitable for continuous and simultaneous measurement of pH and ORP in process chemistry or wastewater. The platinum round is embedded in the side of the glass shaft and closes flush.

Fermentation, food and beverage, aggressive media, extreme pH values, waste water.

Facts and Features
– Simultaneous measurement of pH and ORP
– Gel electrolyte, pressurized and long-term stable
– Ceramic junction
– Silver ion trap
– Integrated temperature detector
– Omega glass with high impedance for high-temperature applications, very low alkali error
– CIP/SIP capable, safe sterilization with temperature monitoring
– Perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
– No influence of humidity in the connector
– Precalibration in the lab
– Digital data transfer
– Integrated sensor diagnostics



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