Knick – ProLine P 51000

Knick – ProLine P 51000

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The ProLine P 51000 is a High Voltage Transducer for Current Measurement in Railway Applications.



Maximum flexibility is achieved through a new housing concept – specifically designed for rolling stock. With integrated broadrange power supply and a unique combination of safety functions, the ProLine P 51000 is ideal for Electric as well as diesel-electric locomotives and multiple units .


ProLine P 51000 at a glance

  • Overload-protected current measurement via shunt resistor from amps to kiloamps with up to 10 switchable calibrated ranges
  • Short circuit recognition
  • Monitoring and control of traction motors and converters
  • Rated isolation voltage up to 4800 V AC/DC
  • Housing offers protection against contact and pollution for added safety
  • Circuit monitoring with self-diagnostics
  • Selectable input ranges and floating standard signal outputs for flexible, easy system integration
  • Integrated broad-range power supply
  • Resistant in tough conditions: extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and harsh EMC environments


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