Knick – ProLine P 51000

Knick – ProLine P 51000

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Knick – ProLine P 51000


The ProLine P 51000 transducer series was specifically designed for applications on locomotives and multiple units for short circuit recognition, monitoring and control of traction motors and inverters, auxiliary inverters, accumulator batteries and others.

The P51000 transducer measures current via shunt resistor.

A brand new feature is the flexibility provided by switchable measuring ranges and an integrated broad-range power supply.


ProLine P 51000 at a glance

  • Short circuit recognition
  • Monitoring and control of traction motors and converters
  • Rated voltage to 125 V for current measuring applications.
  • Housing offers protection against contact and pollution for added safety
  • Circuit monitoring with self-diagnostics
  • Selectable input ranges and floating standard signal outputs for flexible, easy system integration
  • Integrated broad-range power supply
  • Resistant in tough conditions: extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and harsh EMC environments



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