Knick – ProLine P 44000

Knick – ProLine P 44000

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Knick – ProLine P 44000 is a Pt100 transmitter for high Voltage applications.


Features of a Knick – ProLine P 44000 at a Glance

  • Transmitter for Pt100 temperature sensors, 2 or 4 wire connection
  • Fixed range models for 0 to 150°C, 0 to 200°C and 0 to 300°C input ranges
  • Impressed output current of 4 to 20mA
  • Compact 67.5 and 22.5 mm modular housings based on proven VariTrans technology
  • High isolation up to 6kV AC/DC basic insulation and up to 2.5kV AC/DC reinforced insulation with overvoltage category III and pollution Degree 2 according to EN 50178(input against output and power supply)
  • 22.5mm housing for less demanding isolation requirements up to 2kV AC/DC (basic insulation)
  • Low measurement error of just ± 1K (typically ± 0.5K) and short T90 delay time of 100ms
  • VariPower broad range power supply for 20…253 V AC/DC ensures safe operation even with unstable power grids
  • Resistant to environmental influences through vacuum encapsulation
  • Suitable for extreme environments: ambient temperature during operation -40…+85°C


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