Knick – Proline P 16000

Knick – Proline P 16000

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Knick – Proline P 16000


The ProLine P 16000 receives signals from speed sensors and transmits and converts them into electrically isolated analog standard signals.

The input is designed in a way that it can “tap” signals from existing circuits without disturbing the original signal. This absence of interaction complies with the SIL 3 integrity level according to EN 61508. Even a safety-oriented signal from a sensor can be duplicated and transmitted to a second controller without any interaction.

The product is resistant against the harsh environmental conditions typical of rolling stock applications. The device functionality is not affected by electromagnetic interferences, extreme ambient temperatures or vibration and shock. The latest fire safety regulations for rail vehicles are met.

Facts and Features:
• Pulse frequency measurement, e.g., of speed sensors / rotary encoders for safe detection of the train’s speed or standstill; galvanic isolation and conversion into standard signals; measuring ranges: 0 … 500 Hz to 0 … 20 kHz.
• Converting the pulse frequency into a standard signal eliminates the need for pulse counting inputs at the control unit.
• Safety-related signals from existing circuits can be duplicated without interaction and can be transmitted to another subsystem.
• The absence of interaction is designed to be functionally safe and achieves SIL 3.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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