Knick Ceramat – WA150 Process Retractable fitting

Knick Ceramat – WA150 Process Retractable fitting

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The Ceramat WA 150 is a process retractable fitting with pneumatic sensor lock-gate and application-specific process adaption.


The process retractable fitting maintenance is quite easy and can be carried out without any process interruption.

The process retractable fitting can be used for highly corrosive media.


  •  ceramic sealing to the process offers extremely high hardness (Mohs hardness 9) and prevents wear on the sealing surfaces in abrasive media  providing high mechanical strength , high temperature resistance  and  high chemical resistance
  •  very high availability
  •  Plug & Play for all process media thanks to central multiplug
  •  smooth, dirt-proof design
  •  all maintenance can be performed on site
  •  drive easily replaceable under process conditions
  •  cyclone rinsing for optimum cleaning effect
  •   2 independent barriers with cavity rinsing
  •  sensor dismount guard in conjunction with Uniclean® 900/Unical® 9000
  •  superior sensor immersion depth
  •  standard sensor length (225 mm)
  •  special version for electrodes with pressurizable liquid electrolyte (for 250-mm electrodes with electrolyte reservoir)
  • process-wetted outer body, PVDF or PEEK, carbon-fiber reinforced
  • for extreme applications


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