Knick -ARD 220 Process Immersion Fitting

Knick -ARD 220 Process Immersion Fitting

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ARD 220 is a universal process immersion fitting with a simultaneous measurement up to 3 sensors.


The process immersion fitting is available with different sensor adapters, immersion lengths varying from 260mm to 2,000mm, various materials for fittings, gaskets and process connection .It’s smooth, break-free design makes sensor mounting dirt-proof. It comes with an option of cleaning equipment or sensor wetting cup

The process immersion fittings  Comes with a Stainless steel 1.4571, PP-H or PVDF material to suit virtually every process and is mainly used for measurements in Basins, Tanks and Channels.


  •  adaptable to virtually every process due to different lengths: 260 mm to 2,000 mm
  •  materials: PP-H, PVDF, or 1.4571 stainless steel
  •  sensor adaptations: 3 x Pg 13.5 or 1 x G1”, special connections for conductivity sensors
  •  operation with SE 538 (pH sensor with electrolyte reservoir) possible
  •  process connections: flanges, pipe clamp, catenary suspension
  •  measurement in tanks, basins, and channels
  •  dirt-proof sensor mounting


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