FISCHER – DE38 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch

FISCHER – DE38 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch

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FISCHER – DE38 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch


Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter / Switch for measurement of positive or negative gauge pressure, differential pressure, flow and level. It is compatible for use with relatively clean and non-corrosive gases or liquids.


Examples of Application

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology
  • Level measurement technology
  • Monitoring of compressors, filters and vacuum systems
  • Measurement of differential pressure between supply and return fuel lines in heating systems
  • Flow, control-pressure and level measurement


Main Features

  • Robust design; over-pressure protected
  • Wear-free non-contact LVDT sensing element needs no maintenance
  • Selectable pressure units
  • Signal output with possibility of spreading and inverting characteristic curve with any offset (optional)
  • Characteristic conversion of output via 3…30 entries table
  • Complete set-up of all parameters and print out by using optional PC-programming interface EU03


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