FISCHER – DE38 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch LCD

FISCHER – DE38 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch LCD

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FISCHER – DE38 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch LCD


Differential pressure transmitter / switch for measuring over-pressure, under-pressure and differential pressure in liquid and gaseous, and primarily neutral media.


Examples of Application

  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment
  • Filling level measuring equipment
  • Monitoring of compressors, filters and extraction systems etc.
  • Differential pressure measurements between the supply and return on heating systems
  • Flow, control pressure and filling level measurements


Main Features

  • Depending on the measured value, e.g. when limits are exceeded, various background colour changes can be programmed.
  • Robust and resistant to overpressure
  • Maintenance-free through wear-free inductive pickup
  • Switchable pressure units
  • Optional signal output with possibility of characteristic curve spread and reversal with any offset
  • Characteristic curve implementation via table with max. 30 measuring points
  • Complete adjustment of all parameters and measuring point protocol possible through optional PC adaptor EU03
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