FISCHER – DE15 – Differential Pressure Transmitter

FISCHER – DE15 – Differential Pressure Transmitter

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FISCHER – DE15 – Differential Pressure Transmitter


The transmitter serves to record the filling level or the content of upright or flat cylindrical tanks for industrial gases. The corresponding differential pressure of the filling level is measured. An additional integrated pressure sensor records the operating pressure of the system independent of this.


The application scope comprises filling level equipment on closed tanks, in particular in the cryogenics field.


Main Features:

  • Measuring ranges can be configured
  • Parameters are set on the device using an integrated LCD, keypad and menu navigation system.
  • Integrated operating pressure measurement up to 40 bar.
  • Can be used for all gas-like media if they do not corrode the materials.
  • Installation-friendly assembly; various adapters available for connecting to the existing measuring devices.
  • Direct assembly to DA30.
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant field casing.
  • Can be overloaded on one side up to the allowed static pressure.
  • Oil and grease-free for oxygen applications.


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