Differential pressure transmitter – DE80

Differential pressure transmitter – DE80

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DE80 is a multi-functional differential pressure transmitter with a changeover contact as an option. The device is based on a piezo-resistive sensor element that is suitable for measuring overpressure, under-pressure and differential pressure in neutral gaseous media.

The pressures to be compared have a direct effect on a silicon membrane equipped with a measuring bridge.
When the pressure is equal, the measuring membrane is in its idle state. If a pressure difference occurs, the membrane is deflected and a resistance change takes place on the attached measuring bridge. This change is evaluated by the device’s electronics and transformed into an analogue output signal. The output signal can be attenuated and square rooted.

Optionally, this differential pressure transmitter can be delivered with a full-graphic LC display and a changeover contact. In addition, the device is available as a 2-wire or Modbus RTU variant.

Performance characteristics 

Typical applications

•Technical facility equipment (TGA)
•Clean room technology
•Filter monitoring
•Volume flow measurement
•Control of frequency converters
•Measuring and monitoring positive, negative and differential pressures

Main features

•Robust, resistant to overpressure and maintenance-free
•Easy parameterization via DIP switch, potentiometer and button
•Measuring ranges
–25 Pa to 25 kPa
–0.25 mbar to 250 mbar
•Measuring accuracy up to 1.5%
•Switching measuring ranges via DIP switch
•Offset correction with zero point button
•Analogue output signal
–0/4 … 20 mA or 0/2 … 10 V; 3-conductor
–4 … 20 mA (2-conductor)
•Optional changeover contact, adjustable via potentiometer
•Optional full graphic LC display
•Optional digital RS485 Modbus RTU interface

The DE80 is suitable for the low budget HVAC market, like office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, schools etc.



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