DA09 – Differential Pressure Gauge

DA09 – Differential Pressure Gauge

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The DA09 – Differential Pressure Gauge serves to measure and display differential pressures in gaseous, fluid and aggressive media. The unit is completely made of CrNi-steel and is suitable for use in aggressive environments. If used with aggressive media, the media compatibility with the materials used must be checked.

The DA09 can be delivered with a contact element. If the set limit values are exceeded, the output power circuits are opened or closed, and/or a 0/4…20 mA output signal proportional to the displayed value is issued for a capacitive rotation angle encoder.

Performance features

Areas of application

• Chemical, petrochemical industry
• Process technology
• Marine and offshore technology
• Power plant technology
• Mechanical and plant engineering

Important features

• Highly corrosion resistant
• CrNi-steel model
• Use with aggressive media
• Highly durable
• Variable connection technology
• With fluid filling as an option
• Optional additional equipment such as
contact element or rotation angle encoder




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