Type 8047 – Analogue positioner

Type 8047 – Analogue positioner

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Type 8047 is a compact analogue i/p and p/p positioner for mounting on pneumatic control valves (“top-mounted”). Due to the direct-mount of the positioner to the valve actuator, there are no exposed moving parts, which increases the operating efficiency, enhances control and accommodates simple maintenance requirements. It is also available in intrinsically safe version or as a pneumatic positioner (control signal 3 – 15 psi).


• By integrating the positioner into valve actuator, no moving parts (return stroke)
are accessible from the outside
• Compact construction
• Also suitable for small strokes
• Visual position indicator possible between the positioner and valve actuator
• Optional inductive limit switches
• Also available in explosionproof version II 2 G EEx ib IIC T6



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