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Choosing the right pressure transmitter for your clean rooms is critical!

Fischer specialise in this area with their DE23 pressure transmitter (there are other models, DE25, DE27 & others as well, depending on your exact needs).

A lot of other brands (Briem Setra model 239 for example) claim an excellent accuracy on their products, however fail to mention that excellent accuracy is based on an extremely small temperature band or worse still, at a constant temperature.

We all know in the real world its impossible to maintain a constant temperature in labs 100% of the time.

Fischer units have been pitted against the Setra 239 in real world tests, and has won customers all over the world. Purely to the fact that Fischer’s accuracy is 0.5% over the range of 4-50 degC. Setra 239 does have a better accuracy of 0.15% however only if the room temperature is constant (IE never!)


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