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Did you know Knick, Germany is the ONLY manufacturer of mobile, portable meters with Memosens for liquid analysis in  hazardous location?  It is suitable for use in the lab, for environmental protection as well as for any process industry application . Knick has been an OEM for many suppliers as well as manufacturers offering liquid analysis equipment with Memosens. The Endress & Hauser Liquiline To Go Ex CYM291 is the one among the many products manufactured at Knick, Germany. The particular product is manufactured and marketed by Knick as Portavo 904 X.


“Memosens” has become a synonym for the smart technology used for liquid analysis. Memosens has successfully proved its worth in analytical measurement loops. Today “Memosens” is an established and universally accepted open standard. The development of Memosens standard was initiated by a joint venture of Knick and Endress & Hauser. Both the manufacturers have agreed to Open Memosens technology, and establish and further develop a common platform for inductive, non-contact connector systems to benefit all users.


Knick has taken a step further in developing the world’s first portable with Memosens with IECEx Certification. Portavo analysis instruments are uniquely designed for industry requirements. The Knick model Portavo 904X (OR Endress & Hauser Liquiline To Go Ex CYM291) is an analysis instrument for the measurement of pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen, which is certified for use in Zone 0 and 1. All Portavo housings are manufactured from high-tensile plastic and are rated IP66, suitable in rough industrial environments. The sensors are stored in the integrated sensor quivers, which protect them from drying out.


To find out more on our complete range of portable instruments for liquid analysis, please visit: Portavo Series

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