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The requirements on operational and safety-related circuits are continuously growing. This also affects the technical requirements on components.


Often, functional safety can only be increased with much effort and at the expense of availability. Our ProLine P 22400 passive signal isolator with functional safety demonstrates that high safety standards and high availability can go hand in hand.


With its highly precise (0.08% full scale), linear transmission of 4…20 mA signals, the passive isolator ensures a high level of functional safety, even in single-channel structure and without diagnostics. It is certified for applications with a SIL3 safety integrity level according to EN 61508. Sensors and actuators in safety circuits can be connected directly, requiring no elaborate evaluation equipment for redundant structures. The isolator’s robust design ensures excellent availability with an MTBF of 1106 years. For further information on our SIL Rated isolators, please click here


Thanks to loop-powered operation, the ProLine P22400 contains fewer parts than devices with an auxiliary power unit and the total failure rate is decreased. Furthermore, it is mechanically stable, approved for marine applications, resistant against electromagnetic interferences, and boasts protection against electric shock up to 600 V AC/DC through reinforced insulation.


The test voltage during routine testing is 5.4 kV AC. ProLine P 22400 is suitable for ambient temperatures between -40 and 85 °C.


For further information, please download the datasheet.

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