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High Voltages have always been monitored for applications involving DC current, servo drives, generators, power supplies for welding units and inverters for solar or wind power systems. For such applications high voltage is a key parameter for automation and control. Since the increased awareness of IIOT concepts the integrity of data has become more significant as it relates to predictive maintenance as well as power consumption optimization. Our high voltage transducer P29000 can achieve this within systems operating up to 1000 V!


Ideal for monitoring and controlling electrical drive system, the P29000 is a transducer that can accurately measure voltages up to 1000 V AC/DC, while making this information truly usable through conversion of the raw measurement to standard signal outputs (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V.).


High accuracy is maintained anywhere within your desired range, as less than 0.2% error is guaranteed with the measured value.


It offers protective separation according to EN 61140 – protection of the maintenance staff and subsequent devices against excessively high voltages up to 600 V AC/DC .Full 3-way galvanic isolation brings peace of mind that high voltages will not make its way across any path between input, output or power supply.  This is important both for elimination of noise and safety of components.


The P29000 contains a broad-range supply, which allows it to be powered without the need for an auxiliary device, from 20 to 253 V AC/DC.


Compact high-voltage isolation amplifiers with safe galvanic isolation, VariPower broad-range power supply, genuine calibrated range selection, working voltages up to 1000 V AC/DC and test voltages up to 5.4 kV AC –All of this happens in a 12.5mm wide, din-rail mountable unit – maximum performance in a compact modular housing!


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